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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 2 January 2011)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 2 January 2011)

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    Spending a few days in a remote and snowy village half-way up an Austrian mountain. However, by an amazing coincidence, this place has an excellent little brew pub...

    So, as a change from the local Puntigamer (whose slogan "Das 'bierige' Bier" translates as "the 'beery' beer"), I'm going for the first rate Weihnachtsfestbier (Christmas festival beer) from the Brauhaus Girrer.
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    No Alcohol at all this week only Tetleys Tea & Ginger Beer till Tuesday as Ive been working everyday. Still it kept me out the Pubs during the Loony week over Christmas & New Year.
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    No pub visits this week but plenty of bottles of beer at home if you are aloud to nominate a bottled beer it would have to be Brew Dog Punk IPA.

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    BOTW has to be one of today's beers and should go to Red Rock Christmas Cheer 5.2% from the Wellington in Birmingham.

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    Well a dodgy start to the week (Bulls Head , Wrockwardine Wood , 10 landlords/managers in the last 18 months tells is own story)
    Black Country - Fireside
    Black Country - Dudley Pale Ale
    Quantock- Plastered Pheasant
    Dark Star - Best

    Then a decent end
    Three Tuns - Stirling
    Idle Brewery - Idle Landlord
    Derby - Triple Hop
    Pictish - Winter Solstice
    Cottage - Herrcules
    Titanic - Choclate Vanilla Stout

    BOTW an easy win for Titanic Chocolate Vanilla Stout , tastes just like it sounds , gorgeous
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    Lots of beer this week in the pub and out of bottles but there was one head and shoulders above the others, Acorn Blonde. More a classic Pale Ale just light in colour so he's labelled it Blonde , it has a good hopping rate, a bit of a Burton Snatch and is full bodied.

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    I already know mine but I suppose I have to let today elapse before committing myself.

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    Three festive contenders for me this week: Cairngorm Santa's Sledgehammer, a deceptively drinkable winter brew at 5.6%, Holden's Christmas Blaster 4.8%, pale but dry and just improves with each pint but BOTW goes to Elland Santa's Pants, 4.6% and pale again but very well balanced, it simply bounces out of the glass.

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    Fairly quiet on the beer front, this week. Manage to try a few on Thursday though:

    Ossett 'Excelsior'.
    Springhead 'Bramley Apple'.
    Fullers 'Bengal Lancer'.
    Five Towns 'Staggering Genius'
    Revolutions Brewing Co ' The Original 45 Porter'.

    The Porter was fabulous stuff and will win easily, unless I can sneak a few in later today.
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