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To continue a theme that has been running through the last couple of posts, and to save Jibber the problem of risking drinking a Xmas beer that is not light and hoppy, I have found a beer with a Christmas name that should satisfy any light beer drinker, and after a customer satisfaction survey yesterday, seems to suit dark beer drinkers too.

Pictish have come up with something different this year. Instead of their usual 'Rocket Fuel' they have brewed 'Wheat Christmas'. It is a crystal clear beer, the wheat just obvious in the background, and unusually for Pictish it is not massively hoppy. Everything is just subtle and blends together to make a very quaffable 4.4% beer. Just the antidote for these freezing times.

It came on the bar at the Star yesterday afternoon, all I can hope is that it may be still be there today so I can sample it again, purely for quality control and research purposes of course.

On the subject of Pictish, I am advised that their ' Winter Solstice' - the monthly special for December - is available at the Rat, and in excellent form too apparently. Another one to try should you be lucky enough to get time off from Christmas shopping today.