Went round Bury today instead of NWAF and had a really good day out with some good beers.

Started at the Trackside with Naylors Bradford Lad 7.2, Brysons Patrick Porter 5.0 and Milton Icarus 4.5.
On to The Robert Peel where there was a Burns offer on with Haggis Neeps and Tatties and a pint of Scottish Ale. Harviestoun Haggis Hunter and Orkney Raven were on there. We passed on the Burns meal and had Wentworth Vanilla Stout and Black Hole Asteroid. Not a bad Spoons.
Next was Automatic (Malt). All set up for meals in both the main area and the Malt, but we were told we could just have a drink. Chose Penine Glen Top Bitter 4.0 and Outstanding Silver Fox 4.0. Also available were Daleside Old Leg Over and another micro - cannot remember where from.
Buss trip to the Lamb Inn, and chose 2 lovely clear beers from Mallinsons, Motueka 3.6 and Control Freak 4.1. Met an elderly chap who knows Baum in Rochdale as they have their CAMRA meetings there, and he has recently done a crawl in Birmingham and got a tour round the Bartons Arms including the cellar. He gave us a lift back down to Trackside where there were ever changing beers due to a steam weekend being on, so we had Tollgate Mellow Yellow 4.0 and Leyden Winter Warmer 3.8.

A good day to end our Manchester and Bury trip as we will probably just pop into the Brown Cow next to the caravan site tomorrow for lunch.