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Please, do not use this company:

A little over 8 months ago, I took my phone into the store I got it from, explaining that the battery lasted about 4 hours on standby - no calls, messages, internet, anything. I left the phone with them, they told me it'd be sent off to be repaired and back to my house in 7 - 10 days.

2 weeks later I went back to find out where my phone was. Really sorry, came the reply from the different member of staff, you should have been told 2 - 3 weeks. Pissed, I accepted this and left.

5 weeks after the phone had been sent off I went back. At this point I should highlight it's a 60 mile round trip to get to this store. I wanted the contract ended - I use the phone for work and paying over £30 a month when I don't even have the phone wasn't good enough. O, by the way, it was a different member of staff again. I'll save time here - every time I went in it was a different member of staff

The person behind the counter offered a speedier resolution. I take out a new contract, a business one, and they would buy out the remainder of my contract - £200. All I'd have to do is wait for a form to be sent out, fill it in, wait for my first bill, and send the two off. 4 weeks after that I'd have a cheque in my hand for £200. Simple.

The form never came. For the past 7 months, every month, I have gone in. I've had to explain the whole thing each time due to the aforementioned different member of staff there each time I went in. Each time they apologised, spoke to head office, said it was being sent again and they would call me to make sure I'd received it. The form never came, and the phone calls never came, except one. This was the area manager I'd spoken to, who said it was taking a little longer than expected and he'd call me a week later. The second call never came - from the area manager!

The last time I went in, the member of staff again apologised, explained that she was there for the foreseeable future as they had had a lot of complaints about the store. I told her this was the last time I'd be coming into store - if I didn't get it this time I'd be informing trading standards and expect the contract cancelled immediately. A shame because Orange have actually been very helpful each time I've had to call them. A couple of clicks on the computer and the form I needed was printed out. I was speechless. All the time I'd wasted, driving in monthly to be lied to when they could have printed out the form instantly. I signed the form in front of her, went home, got the first bill and sent it off.

Needless to say, nothing has come back, no phone call as promised, and when I called the store it was the same lady. She wrote it in her diary to call me but we haven't got to that page yet. If I really wanted to go ahead anyway I'd have to deal directly with head office. Call the number and press 6 when the options were being read out. I did this. There is no option 6 - it starts the options being read out again. Lied to - again! All the other options just ring and then ask you to leave a message.

So please, by all means use Orange - they've been very helpful every time I've called them since I've been with them 4 years ago. But the store Get Connected can Get Lost.