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5 Barrel (20 Firkin) plant available from Hereford/Powys border. I'm selling the brewery to fund a brewlab course.

Kit consists of:

4BBL Mash Tun (Requires Sparging arm), stainless steel & wood clad

3 x 5 BBL fully enclosed Fermentation Vessels

Each is stainless steel with insulation and wood cladding, probe for thermostat and has a 2" RJT fitting on top and bottom.

5 BBL Copper

(Photo coming shortly!)

Custom built for the previous owner, this is geared up to be heated by gas flame, with firebricks protecting the exit pipe (stopping wort burning) and a 2 inch air jacket trapping the hot air around the Copper, meaning instead of just being heated from the bottom it is heated from the sides as well. Copper has a drainage plate (removable) and 2" RJT. Gas burner not included.

3 x Remote Coolers
Excellent condition, can cool each FV individually

To make a complete kit all you would need to add is a sparging arm, connecting pipes, underback, gas burner, pumps and heat exchanger.

I can source a heat exchanger without difficulty if required.

Also available are 44 plastic firkins. I'm willing to sell these separately.