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It’s almost time to Open It! This weekend, 3-5 December, is when we can get those special bottles and open them just for the sake of opening them. Andy and I have also managed to arrange for lots of people to be snowed in to enjoy it even more and to have an even better excuse to drink a beer from the stash...!

It’s simple: just choose a bottle you’ve been saving for ages and open it. Then tell others about it on twitter (use the #openit hashtag), blogs, facebook or even in real life. It’s a chance to drink those beers while they are (hopefully) still good because the last thing we want is to hoard a beer for years and then find out it’s way passed its best!

Open It! this weekend. Who's taking part?

Annoyingly, I am actually snowed in with no hope of reaching my special bottles, which live with my parents in their garage (I’ve called and made sure a few towels have been laid over them to keep them less cold). This means that one or two of my to-be-opened beers now won’t be opened and instead I need to pick a few others. Thankfully I’ve got a couple in the flat that I can finally release into my glass.

Feel free to use the logo in any blog posts you want to post. It was designed by Richard from myBrewerytap. If you are snowed in and need beer then that’s the place to go!