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Last week I blogged about the disgraceful habit some breweries have of rebadging beers as something new when they are just other beers renamed. I have been reading another beer website, and lo and behold, what did I find bit another brewery shamelessly just doing that.

Charles Wells brew 'Bombardier'. It is one of their flagship brands and widely available, some even consider it to be one of the best beers about. However, for some reason, this festive season (sorry, don't mean to get poetic !) they have renamed it 'Bombareindeer' with an appropriate pump clip. It the same beer available throughout the year, so why they have decided on this course is beyond me.

There is also a suspicion that Wadworth '6xmas' could also be their usual '6x' renamed for the season.

It just shows the way the larger breweries treat the drinker, thinking that we either would not realise we are drinking the same beer that we do all year, or think we may be attracted to the beer because of the new name. I, for one, have just become more suspicious of any of their beer, and may think twice about drinking them unless I am sure of their background. Is it really worth it for them ?