hi my name is craig and i have launched a new product that eliminates all beer loss when line cleaning which pays for itself in 2 months,its caller beer shunt and save.and it works by pushing your beer/ lager down the line to the bar and into a bottle one for each line and you screw on the appropriate head ie grundy etc,the bottle can be pressurized and holds up to 3 pints.you then line clean as usual.then you connect your couplers to a row of keg simulator in your cellar that pushes the water out of the line and so does not contaminate your beer.then you connect your coupler to the pressurised bottle which puts your beer back in the line it came from so no loss.at £3 pint x 2pint loss/ line x 10 lines x 52 weeks = £3120/year or £60/week a 10 line unit costs £480one off payment.feel free to check out the web or there are some answers in the inndoctor forum under cask ale fittings [do not ask]