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Dust off those special bottles because Open It! is coming very soon... Friday 3 December to Sunday 5 December, get the good bottles out of the cupboard and get them open. Don’t hold back thinking that a worthy special occasion will come along soon, that you might get a new job next week, a promotion next month, win the lottery, get married, have some kids, whatever. They don’t come very often and the last thing you want is to go to that bottle in a year and find that it’s past its best. This is the chance to make a special occasion just to open that bottle.

It’s as easy as that and everyone can take part: Open a bottle or two (share them if you want – an Open It! Party) over that weekend and then tell others. Write a blog about it, tweet about it (#openit), use the facebook page or just talk to people in real life while you drink that beer you’ve been saving for ages. Do it between 3-5 December and tell us what you are drinking and how it is.

Just Open It!

This is another joint effort between me and Andy from Beer Reviews.