Yet another Sportguru prediction game. This time it's cricket, primarily it covers the England v Australia tour Down Under plus also a few other international games going on at the same time.

The scoring system takes a bit of understanding. For Test Matches you pick the usual win-lose-draw before the game starts but also have a second pick up to lunch on Day 3. So if you go for an England win and it rains for the first two days you can then go for a draw. This midway pick does not replace your original one it's in addition to it, so if you picked England to win and they are doing well you can pick England again and get extra points. The margin point thing works on the basis of the first innings lead. You pick one team to be leading after the first innings then by how many runs. Points awarded for how close you get.

The One Day Internationals and Twenty 20 games are simpler, you pick the winner and by what margin. Because you don't know who is batting first you won't know how the margin will be determined, runs or wickets, so you pick both, e.g. Australia by 34 runs or 3 wickets, you then get points based on how close you get. You can be up to 30 runs or two wickets out and still get points.

I saw that Hondo mentioned on another thread that he'd signed up for this game so thought I'd set up a PG Pool in case anyone is interested. Some of you may get an e-mail invitation from the site but all are welcome and the code to join is RUDEWITS.

The first game is the first Ashes Test Match starting late evening Wednesday 24th Nov. The competition runs until early Feb 2011 and to add some interest includes some matches between South Africa & India and NZ & Pakistan (no betting will be allowed on this competition!)

Please post here if you join as I will need to accept you into the pool.