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Thread: Beer of the Year 2010

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    Default Beer of the Year 2010

    I thought we should finish 2010 with a Beer of the Year thread. Time to peruse the BotW threads and decide on your favourites. Impossible to choose just one of course and when I was making my list I decided it might be a good idea to split them. Firstly into known/regular beers that you've enjoyed during the year and secondly by new/unusual beers you've found. I decided on a top 3 in each category, so here they are

    Known/Regular Beers

    Thornbridge Jaipur IPA
    Ringwood Fortyniner
    Oakham Bishops Farewell

    New/Unusual Beers

    Brimstage Oyster Catcher Stout
    Great Divide Hercules Double American IPA
    Wadworth Pixley Blackcurrent Stout

    Over to you.
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    Pussy Galore No 1 Oggwyn Trench's Avatar
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    I will have to have a good think about this , off the top of me head

    White Rose - Gecko and the Bunnymen
    Kelham Island - Captain IPA
    Salamander - Gung Ho

    decisions , decisions
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    Studied the list of my BotW's and the one that really stood out was the Nethergate Lemonhead. It was just perfectly refreshing on what was a baking hot summers day. It all seems so long ago. Sigh.

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    I don't keep any records or take notes, just drink the stuff, so I really am goin to need me thinking cap..
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    This Space For Hire
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    Known/Regular Beers

    Thornbridge Jaipur IPA
    Thornbridge Kipling

    New/Unusual Beers

    Brewdog Hardcore IPA

    I could think for a while to have a longer list, but my criterion was that it ought to immediately spring to mind!

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    A new one for me this year but it was a factor in my subsequent return visits to the Beacon Hotel was Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby.

    First try of Ma Pardoe's Old Swan Entire made me go back for another.
    Waes hael!

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    Old & Bitter oldboots's Avatar
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    I'm with Mr Ven on the Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby for one of my irregulars, the others would be Alton Triple fff and the less readily available Mallinson's Paddock Reflection (or anything else from Mallinsons). Of course I'll probably drink something today that will capture my taste buds for a while. Regularly the beers that I come back to time and time again are

    Copper Dragon Golden Pippin
    Acorn Barnsley Bitter
    Elland 1872 Porter

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    I'll stay on me own Alesonly's Avatar
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    Best Regular Beers

    Thornbridge Jaipur

    Fullers London Porter

    Unusual New beers any from the last Wetherspoon beer Fest. I had all except 2
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    Trying to choose six from 200+ is impossible, so I'll limit myself to about six of each.


    BrewDog - Punk IPA & Edge.
    Hobsons - Mild.
    Acorn - Gorlovka.
    Ilkley - Black.
    Mauldons - Black Adder.
    Saltaire - Cascade.


    Mallinsons - Castle Hill Premium
    Milton - Nero.
    St Austell - Black Prince
    Raw Brew Co - Grey Ghost.
    Titanic - Iceberg.
    Adnams - Ghost Ship.
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    Not really one for lists, but it’s a bit of fun:
    1. Golden ale from a familiar brewery-Dark Star “American Pale Ale”
    2. Golden ale from an unfamiliar brewer-Bradfield “Farmer’s Blonde”
    3. Best Bitter from a familiar brewery-Harvey’s “Sussex Best Bitter”
    4. Best Bitter from an unfamiliar brewery-Copper Dragon’s “Scotts 1816”
    5. Bitter from a familiar brewery-Goacher’s “Fine Light”
    6. Bitter from an unfamiliar brewery-Old Dairy’s-“ Red Top”
    7. Mild-Rudgate’s “Ruby Mild”
    8. Darkish and luscious-Hopdeamon’s “Incubus”
    9. Bottled beer-Dark Star “Russian Imperial Stout”
    10. Foreign beer-Sierra Nevada “Torpedo” (Too much of a good thing, really.)
    11. Pub of the year-The Cover Bridge Inn, East Witton, North Yorkshire.
    12. Most disappointing pub-Brew Wharf, Borough Market, London
    13. Most frustrating beer event-driving my son to Sheffield and walking past all those wonderful pubs…
    14. Highest profile beer still unseen and untried-Thornbridge Hall’s “Jaipur IPA"
    "At that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock and soda, or hot coffee but for a glass of beer" Marquess Curzon of Kedlestone, Viceroy of India.

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