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Thread: Star & Garter, East Dean

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    Default Star & Garter, East Dean


    I think that this pub, as its way outside Chichester (see map), should really have a village for itself. Can you create "East Dean" and move the Star & Garter (ID 52724) into it?


    Oh, quick question: while perusing the Chichester listings, I notice that the 2 Wetherspoon pubs are suffixed with the company name - any reason? I realise that their pubs are pretty corporate and being in one is pretty much like being in another (and there's as many folk who swear by them as avoid them altogether) and you do the same in other places, but I was just wondering....



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    Hi Paul,

    We have created East Dean and added The Star & Garter to it.

    Weatherspoons - We receive a lot of corrections through the feedback system, and one of our more prolific members has sent us name corrections for all the Weatherspoons pubs with the chains name attached, so we did it. I am kind of against it as it gives a little extra publicity to Weatherspoons and they ain't paid us for it. However one day I would like to try and include the Brewers/Pubco with as many listings as we can, so when I do do that, we will have had a started already.


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