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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 14 November 2010)

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    Following what seems to be something of a theme this week, my BOTW is Three Witches, a special edition from Oakham. A mention has to go to Potbelly's Redwing at 4.8% which is excellent, just not quite as good as the Oakham.

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    Well I've had quite a few pints this week, but once again none that were truly outstanding.

    This weeks vote is going to go to Northern - Bobby Dazzler
    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oggwyn Trench View Post
    Well after Fridays adventures in Brum where several fine ales were sampled BOTW will be Oakhams Inferno .
    Sounds like the Brum meet up was a huge success ,and that some top quality brews were quaffed.Blue Monkey and Titanic also got honourable mentions in this thread ,so my loss for missing out.However I did manage to also find Oakham Inferno in The Pig n Falcon in St Neots and have to agree with Oggy that its a fine BOTW.
    Those Oakham boys sure can brew...

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    Once again I have failed to asterisk the good ones on a brilliant day on Friday. Didn't have any poor ones that I recall.

    My BOTW is going to the Sheffield IPA.

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    I think I will have to go with the Wye Vally Butty Bach that kicked off the day at the Wellington.

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    Lots of variety but not a lot of quality this week. Just one that stood out from a decidedly weak selection: Ha'penny Gog Magog - another good pint from the Green Dragon's autumn beer festival.

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    Another so-so beer-drinking week for HTM69, with 15 pints and plenty of bottled-lagers condsumed over a 3-day period

    Sharp's Doom Bar - 7 pints
    Everards Tiger x 1
    Guinness x 3
    Cottage Brewery Howling Ale x 1
    Wadworth 6 x x 1
    St Austell's Tribute x 2

    BOTW: Everards Tiger

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