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Thread: Picture of the Rising Son by john mcgraw

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    Red face Picture of the Rising Son by john mcgraw

    I have fond memories of the Rising Sun Pub in Sidcup from the early 1940's, and so enjoyed looking at the pictures that John McGraw has posted. I would love to get in touch with him to see if he would send me a high quality picture that I could use on my desktop. I have been living in Canada since 1960, but haven't forgotten my roots in the UK. And still have my English accent!!!

    So I would very much appreciate any help provided to find a high quality picture.

    Thank you

    Joyce R.

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    down 'ere, from oop there


    I don't see a Rising Sun listed here for Sidcup?

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    The Rising Sun in Eltham seems to me to be pretty close to Sidcup so that would be my guess.

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    I was thinking it was the one in Eltham. I did actually visit it a few weeks ago for the first time in a few years but it has been refurbished and, as per usual, lost a lot of its character. I don't generally go to Eltham often as the pubs are not that great (apart from the Park Tavern) and there is not a lot else to go there for but if this is the place, it isn't that far and I will happily try and stop off and get a decent photo(s). The only problem now is that it is dark in the evenings and that narrows things down a bit for photos.

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    I have just emailed John so hopefully he will see this.

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