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Those of us fortunate to be in the Star, in Huddersfield last evening, were treated to another new beer from the Pictish stable. Sadly, those who were watching the blue and white Brazil start their Fa Cup campaign, or those watching bonfires and fireworks may be too late to sample it. It was going quickly.

The beer is the latest in the brewery's single hopped range, at 4.2% and called 'Southern Cross'. I must admit, since seeing the clip on the taunting pole it was a beer I was wanting to try, always being interested in the use and flavours of new hops. It was no disappointment.

A light, hoppy bitter, like most of the brewery's beers, it brought the best out in the hop. The background may have a hint of malt sweetness admittedly, but that did not detract from the hop flavour. It is a New Zealand hop, from the same stable as Riwaka, and brings a clean taste to the beer, with citrus and pine coming through the beer, and despite being a high alpha content, it does not give the astringency that others of a similar level sometimes do. It has a subtle resinous quality, and a delicate balance of flavours, and is very moreish. Very, very moreish !

If you miss it at the Star, I think there is some hiding in the cellar at the Rat, and no doubt, it will be available at other local outlets too. Just search it out and try it. Its another winner from Richard Sutton, who rarely fails in my opinion. No doubt, when other brewers find out about it, it will appear in their beers too, I certainly hope so. Its a fine addition to the hops from the Southern hemisphere.