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    Dear Publican
    We are a Lincolnshire based company with a new exciting idea which will increase your turnover and your profits.
    As the public house industry is increasingly harder each year to turn over a profit due to a smoking ban. The way forward must be to get the average family through your doors for beverages, food and daytime, early evening entertainment. This creates a happy family environment which in turn would bring repeat custom.
    As we are a Bouncy castle manufacturer and hirer we would love to help you in doing all those things to your public houses.
    I would love to arrange a meeting to discuss some options available to you.
    i.e. available is a lease hire from 50 per week with a brand new castle, this castle could also be made in brewery colours and could even have your logo on.
    I hope you like the idea and would love working together to increase everyones turnover and therefore profits.
    Look forward to your reply
    Yours Graham Wilson ( Wibbys )
    07709 821903

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    I am a bit to old for Bouncy Castles. Have you any water-beds ? Purely for therapeutic reasons you understand.

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