Just glancing through yesterdays reviews (sterling performances from Arwkrite and Ga Andrews). I have just deleted a review by a new member on the site for mentioning being accosted outside by the drug fueled tramps. For reviews this is at the lighter end of the spectrum, having previously had drug selling and other less savoury suggestions about landlords.

Was interested to hear what others thought though. We have now reached the point where if you mention drugs in the review it is going to be deleted (that is not a challenge ).

In fact in general we will just delete negative reviews particularly off 1/2 droppers. It is a sad thing to do that, in that I think you should be able to review negatively, but it is just stupid coming on our site if you have an axe to grind, we don't want to deal with the wound up landlords, it just wastes our time and stresses them and us. Oh and if there are drugs on or near the premises, tell the Police, not us.

Anyway just an invitation to suggest what is right about reviews and amuse yourselves with what you hate in reviews. I may rip off good suggestions for when I build the review guidelines as suggested by Archivist as well.