Visit the a swift one site

Today Wetherspoons kick off their autumn festival, they are using their tried and tested system of putting the 50 beers on offer on the bars at their pubs throughout the next three weeks, which should give punters plenty of time to sample the whole range on offer.

Flicking my way through the beer list, (this time, a stupid size that is guaranteed not to fit in anyone's pocket) it is amazing to see the amount of breweries who have produced new beers specially for the festival. They come from far and wide, north and south, and plenty in between. The styles are as varied as the breweries and virtually every different type of beer is represented.In addition to the British breweries, there are, as usual, half a dozen beers brewed in England from brewers across the globe, so you can try beer from Sri Lanka, Belgium and Italy to name but three.

The list gives tasting notes for each beer, and also the hops used, so if you want to try something a bit out of the ordinary you are given a clue what to look for.

If you are not a regular 'Spoons visitor, give it a go, you may find you are pleasantly surprised. Especially at the prices. They even give you the chance to try the beer in thirds so you can sample even more.