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We’ve moaned about Jack Frost before — it’s the Fuller’s beer no-one likes but which they trot out every winter. You never have any trouble getting a pint of that, but getting a cask London Porter, Festival Mild or Hock is blood near impossible if you don’t turn up at the right pub with the stars in alignment.

Well, Red Fox is in the same category. It’s a beer which, as far as we can tell, is based on a marketing concept: it’s autumn, lads — can you come up with something with red in it’s name? It’s boring. Bottled London Porter kicked its arse.

We love Fuller’s but, at times, it’s like being a Beatles fan: they withhold the good stuff and keep expecting you to buy gimmicky rubbish in the meantime.

Fullers: please sell cask London Porter from October to March and ditch the crappy seasonals!