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Thread: More on the GBG

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    Default More on the GBG

    I’ve just been reading a discussion on another site (yes that one) about the exclusion of the Wenlock from this years GBG due to it’s upcoming closure and one reviewer has questioned the inclusion of the Duke of Hamilton whose future is still uncertain. Conspiracy theories are being thrown about, but I can say that the Duke wasn’t included in the GBG a few years ago because the governor moved to the South Coast and left his son in charge so the powers that be decided that he needed to prove himself before they would put the pub back in the book. The fact that he had been running the pub for two years anyway and the CAMRA members that regularly use the pub knew this had no sway on the decision so any claim that the Duke has favour of North London CAMRA is laughable.

    I was also very surprised to read that the Southampton Arms in Gospel Oak and the Jolly Butchers in Stoke Newington never made the cut either – which I find incredible.

    Is there anyone who posts on here, or maybe pops in for a read every now and again, that is a member of North London CAMRA that can explain why two of the leading Ale orientated pubs in London aren’t in the guide? I’m sure there must be a simple explanation. I can understand if it is a timing issue as they haven’t been open in their present form for that long, although the Southampton had been open since at least February. If it is a timing issue how did the Wenlock become omitted as I knew nothing of its demise earlier in the year, not February time anyway.

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    I'm not a London member but if the Southampton has only been open since Feb 2010 it would have missed the cut (remebering that entries for a 2011 guide published in 2010 are based on beer scores/voting from Jan-Dec 2009).

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