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Pete, Liz and Glyn have done it, now I’m doing it: here’s my ultimate pub jukebox.

The Killers – Mr Brightside
I flat out bloody love this song.

The Movielife – 10 Seconds Too Late
My favourite song (along with all the others - Once in a Row, Another Friend, et al) from my favourite album.

Blink 182 – All the Small Things
College punk-pop and dick jokes made me who I am today.

9 Days – Absolutely (story of a girl)
An absolutely great song which everyone should listen to.

Lostprophets – Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja

Muse – Muscle Museum
The first concert I saw was Muse and the base nearly killed me. I remember that I wore a vest to it. A vest!

All Time Low – Jasey Rae
I listen to All Time Low more than anyone else so they need to be on there; Jasey Rae is my favourite song of theirs. I want to write a story with Jasey Rae as the main character.

Arctic Monkeys – The View from the Afternoon
Because it rocks harder than a 15-year-old watching babestation, because it was the song I’d listen to before a night out at university and because it’s (my) generation-defining musical storytelling.

Dashboard Confessional – Hands Down
The MTV Unplugged album is amazingly good (I could’ve chosen any song from that to go on the jukebox).

Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life
What a great little song.

The Starting Line – Best of Me
Because there isn’t enough pop punk in there yet and I love this album, proper love-hurts pop-punk.

The only trouble with this list – apart from it making me look like an emo-wannabee 15 year old still – is that if any of these songs were playing in the pub then I’d be too excited to even drink. I also don't think many other people would want to drink there, not people of a legal drinking age, anyway, it would therefore make for a terrible pub jukebox, but I'd be happy.