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What’s better than blogging about beer blogging? Blogging about blogging about beer blogging, that’s what!

The beer blog league table is out again, on Mr Pete Browns Blog, and it’s got me all a thinking. I’m a big fan of Mr Zak Avery. I love his video blogs and his giant wine glass and pretty much everything about Mr Zak. Zak rocks! I don’t love him enough to stalk him. I’m not sat outside his house or anything, but even so I’ve decided that what is required is a bit of competition. Pick your team and get your team to the top.

I’ve decided to be in “Team : Avery”, which means a strategy is required to get Zak Avery to Number one in the beer blog league/charts! It’s not that I don’t like anyone else’s blog, but you’ve got to pick your favourite or there isn’t a game. We cannot let the league stagnate, we have to put a bit of competition in it.

How do we do this? Ripping off wikio :

How are these rankings compiled?

The position of a blog in the Wikio ranking depends on the number and weight of the incoming links from other blogs. These links are dynamic, which means that they are backlinks or links found within articles.

Only links found in the RSS feed are included. Blogrolls are not taken into account, and the weight of any given link increases according to how recently it was published. We thus hope to provide a classification that is more representative of the current influence levels of the blogs therein.

Only links found in RSS feeds are counted. Blogrolls are not taken into account.

Our rankings are updated on a monthly basis and also include Top Blogs for several categories: Technology, Politics, etc. New categories will be added on a regular basis.

Umm, so RRS feeds are required? Well I’ve added one. It’s in the top left hand corner, "Are you taking the Pith?" Be sure to click on it. Add an Avery RSS feed to your blog if you’ve got one, and support Team Avery!

Together we can change beer blogging for the better. We can have a dynamic league of competition red in tooth and claw. Together we can get Zak Avery to Number 1 !