Forgot the Couer De Lion as well. Maybe next time...

For the record our journey around town (and my personal consumptions) took us to...

Royal Oak - was there at Noon - wouldn't open for us so we moved on to...
Hop Pole (Bath Barnstormer)
New Inn (Wadworth 125 Stout)
The Griffin (was actually closed but they let us in anyway!) (Bristol Beer Factory Acer as recommended by Fthr Jack)
The Raven (Raven Gold)
The Salamander (Bath Festivity)
The Star (Abbey Bellringer)
The Bell (Dorset Durdle Door)
Pig & Fiddle (walked in and straight back out - too rammed!)
Rifleman Volunteer (Cotswold Spring (I think) Honey Bear
Royal Hotel (last gasp pint before train arrived) (Hobgoblin)

My own personal favourite pub was probably the Star - good old fashioned rambling multi room pub with wooden interior, open fires, subdued lighting, little nooks and crannies and knowledgeable barmaid! Could have stayed there all night. Best beer is a tough call - probably opt for the Honey Bear with Acer and 125 Stout close behind.