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Thread: Aberystwyth correections

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    Default Aberystwyth correections
    This has a bilingual name - The Academy/Yr Academi

    This has a bilingual name - The Coopers Arms/Y Cwps
    This has a bilingual name - The Bay/Y Bae
    This is Glengower (as opposed to Glen Gower)
    This is now called Aber Vaults

    And this one needs moving to its own district - Penparcau

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    We have corrected the bilingual names (I am not convinced this is the right solution, but I have no better ideas): The Academy/Yr Academi, The Coopers Arms/Y Cwps and The Bay/Y Bae. We also corrected the names of the Glengower and Aber Vaults and moved The Tollgate to Penparcau.

    Thanks for those.

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