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Doing the rounds of the beer blogs today, it is worth mentioning the much respected and venerable worlds 2nd greatest beer writer after Zak Avery, Pete Brown, and his Cask Ale Report. You can read it all here. Top blogs include Tandy, Woolly and Beer reviews, where all the debate is occurring.

A couple of thoughts spring to mind. It’s not looking good for cooking lager enthusiasm. Pong has 15% of the market now. Crikey, at this rate of decline for lovely lout, Pong will be up to 20% of all beer within 50 years. A feature of arithmetic is that growth from a small base produces a large percentage but ever bigger subsequent increases are required to maintain that growth as the base is reset every year.

Thankfully we are not long off Christmas, and the cheap lout offers will offer the British punter the opportunity to stock up before the New Year VAT rise.

Can cooking lager claim to be the national drink of Britain if it falls to those depths of only being 4/5 of beer necked?

There is hope on the horizon though. With volumes of pong static, but value up, it seems the growth isn’t actual people drinking more pong but those drinkers being stung more money for their unusual and frankly odd habit of going into and drinking in pubs.

Considering the consensus view that pong isn’t expensive enough, and ought to be dearer to encourage more people to drink it, reversing most established economic theory regarding supply and demand we will have to wait and see whether pong “value” continues to grow.

My thoughts? Google what the average wage is in the country. I can make no claim to be particularly poor, just as tight as a knats chuff. 2 adults, 2 wages, no kids. I like cheap lout because I like to keep my money and not give it to others, but there are, I gather, those that drink cheap because its that choice or not drinking.

Beer ought to be cheaper. All beer. Make it the maximum.