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Carling brewer Molson Coors has decided not to process supplier invoices until 90 days after receipt. The Forum of Private Business today included the brewer in its "Hall of Shame" for the move, which took effect this month. FPB spokesman Phil McCabe said many small businesses couldn’t afford to wait so long in order to be paid. Molson Coors finance director David Heede said: "There is a fundamental challenge for the beer industry – the total beer profit pool is down approximately 30% over the last five years. As part of a global initiative on working capital, we are changing our Supplier Payment Terms from 1 September.

So there you have it. "We as brewers are suffering, so you as a supplier have to wait over three months for your payments". The article doesn't say if MolsonCoors would be just as happy to wait three months for money owed to them, or, how they'd feel if told by someone ordering a pint of Carling, "I'll pay you in 90 days".

Would they think it such a great idea then I wonder?

The Morning Advertiser and the Publican both have the story.