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Thread: "I've created a monster!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millay View Post
    Me too, can't be that many variations
    I think you will find the comonality is largely due to a lot of us being gentlemen of a certain age with homed tastes.

    For a laugh I tried a couple of profiles for my teenage kids and the crap they listen to and watch (sorry I mean intellectual reality TV shows and soaps, and Radio 1 ), and then you get a completely different set of monsters......
    Work is the curse of the drinking Class - Oscar Wilde

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    Mine came out the same as Roger's despite me only selecting 5Live as a direct sporting choice. I see if you add a hooky e-mail address the program susses you, I had to use an old now unused yahoo one. Don't want any more spam, the viagra ads are bad enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oggwyn Trench View Post
    Guess what
    40% Sherlock
    30% David Mitchell
    30% Dalek

    Enjoyed Sherlock , not that keen on David Mitchell and last time i watched Doctor Who it was Tom Baker

    In my state of ignorance I think Tom Baker was the best one.

    My monster....Just Mix and Match anybody from daytime TV in any quantities you like.

    Something that really bothers me.....Why can't you get "Pingu" on BBCiPlayer ?

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