I have noticed that the forum is not set up the way I would like it, so just in case anyone feels the same here is some guidance to change the way it works a little.

If you look to the top left of the screen whilst you are logged in there is a link in the top menu saying User CP. This opens your User Control Panel and there is quite a bit in there to play about with.

From here the menu on the left has loads of options for personalising your experience. The ones that particularly interested me was Edit Options under Settings & Options. The one I am finding most annoying is that we have not by default turned on "Default Thread Subscription Mode", for new users this will be switched on, but I think it is wrong for us to retroactively change existing members. Anyway if you change that dropdown from "Do not subscribe" to "Instant email notificiation" you will get an email when someone replies to a thread you have posted in. Remember to click Save Changes at the bottom as well.

There are loads of toys in the Control Panel including setting up the Avatar or sig files for all of you who want to promote your businesses.

Hope that helps a bit, and feel free to query me here if there is anything about the forum you want help with, I will try and work it out