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that didn't make it. Blog-wise.

Munich - wood with Mike.
Liverpool - legs that won't work.
Stuttgart - wake for a world-beater.
Jersey - liberation.
Liverpool - flying pigs.
Manchester - tracks to nowhere.
Philadelphia - not grey but golden.
Philadelphia - what cost Triumph?
Washington - CD
New York - scraping sky in the basement.

New York - wobble time.

Hard rain, man, hard rain.

Just as well I noted down all those titles. No way I would have been able to remember them. Now I just need to recall what the hell they are about. Hang on. An idea is forming. Start with the title and just make the rest up. Yes. Euwhatsit.

"Bitter, Pint." Lucas says that. A quote of some sort. My bitterness comes in quarts.

I need to be stout. Not meek. Nor sweet. Or getting into a lather. I'm not lazy, but I want someone to carry my bag. Am I so regal?

Block it with stars.

No dad you just write:

F***ing - that's what's resonsible for the food on our tables.