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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 26th June 2022)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 26th June 2022)

    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    Weald of Kent


    Kent:Unplanned visit due to changing events.

    Cellar Head-Summer Pale Ale.4%abv.Hazy grassy citrus.My BOTW.
    "At that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock and soda, or hot coffee but for a glass of beer" Marquess Curzon of Kedlestone, Viceroy of India.

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    This Space For Hire
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    London and Oxford:

    Adnams - Ghost Ship **
    Bermondsey - Best **½
    Brewhouse - Tramshed **
    Dark Star - Hophead **
    Five Points - Best **½
    Five Points - Pale **½
    Hammerton's - N1 **½
    Northern Monk - Eternal **
    Oakham - Citra **
    Purity - Mad Goose **½
    St. Austell - Proper Job **¾
    Saltaire - DDH Citra **½
    Shotover - Trinity *½
    Timothy Taylor - Landlord **
    Titanic - Plum Porter ***¾
    Wadworth - Horizon **½
    Young's - All Ale the Ale **

    I was going to go for the Plum Porter at Oxford's Royal Blenheim for the fourth week in a row, but in the interests of diversity I'm going to go for the Hophurst - Porteresque *** at The Cock Tavern.

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    Out saving pubs and enjoying it.


    Local pubs....

    Saltaire Lemon Dream*
    Thornbridge Astryd*
    Northern Whisper Oppenchops
    Elusive View Point*
    Elusive Moonbase Alpha*
    New Bristol Going NEPIA Underground*
    New Bristol My Mosaic Romance
    Settle NZIPA*
    Froome Zig Zag Stout
    Ascot Anastasias Stout*
    Neptune Mosaic*
    Pressure Drop King Queen Knave*
    Ampersand Cocow*
    Azvex Suburban Crocodile*

    BOTW Elusive Moonbase Alpha, so smooth and balanced.
    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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    Not managing much pub time, at the moment, so particularly enjoyed my Sunday afternoon wander, this week.

    Mallinsons - Too Little Too Late.*
    Half Moon - Dark Masquerade.
    Tigertops - Hop Sessions.
    Ilkley - Lotus IPA.*
    Five Towns - Nightfinisher.*
    Luddite - Smashing Topaz.
    Yorkshire Heart - Ghost Porter.
    Durham - Rufous.*
    Fernandes - Hophead Pixie.
    Durham - Godiva.
    Rat - Queen Rat.

    Barely a cigarette paper between the Lotus and the Rufous, but the former, an old favourite, just takes it. Sampled in Harry's Bar.
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    'And where he supped the past lived still. And where he sipped the glass brimmed full' John Barleycorn, Carol Ann Duffy.

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    Quality week with visits in Blue Monkey territory:

    Blue Monkey Infinity*
    Blue Monkey Chocolate Guerilla*
    Blue Monkey Infinity +1*
    Blue Monkey Chocolate & Amaretto Guerilla
    Blue Monkey Jungle Project Banana Split*
    Marble Persephone*
    Purple Moose High Hops
    Vocation/Overtone Karate Kiwi
    Almasty Nectar*
    Ampersand Cocow
    Aldwark Artisan Ales Frankinstein Porter*
    Hop Back Summer Lightening*

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Blue Monkey beers but BOTW was Aldwark Artisan Ales Frankinstein Porter at Just Beer. Unexpected as it's a new brewery to me but this is a proper, rich, tasty, 5.4% porter.
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    "Beer is food." Morse, Colin Dexter

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