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Could it be that when one is tired of beer blogging one is tired of life? Nah, necking cheap refreshing and delicious cheap lout is the very essence of life. But whilst the pleasure and enjoyment of cheap lager is pretty self evident there remains the forces of darkness that either find there pleasures elsewhere or more likely find no pleasure and wish the same upon others.

The minimum pricing debate trundles along with regular tedium, with little new in the way of fresh argument, fresh perspective or new evidence or enlightenment. 45p is the new figure trumpeted. Down 5p from 50p. It’s tiresome though isn’t it? The whole argument. Up the price people will drink less. People are drinking less anyway. It affects all, without targeting problem drinkers, the magic wand of price fixing will save the dying British pub, it is a regressive measure hitting the least well off during an economic downturn. Yawn.

I did find the whole debate worth taking part it in, even if blogging is somewhat akin to standing on a soap box in Hyde Park and ranting to anyone that will stop and listen. The very first blog post of this tosh wasn’t a Mickey take of pongy real ale and its enthusiasts but a simple point that a box of cheap beer from the supermarket is nothing more or less than a bargain to people like me that think it is a bargain. It may not be a bargain to you, because a bargain is only a bargain if it is something you want anyway offered cheaper than normal. That the box of cheap lager didn’t give me a drink problem or make me beat my lady squeeze up. That I was capable of buying a cheap box of lout, and enjoying it over a period of time. That it is irrelevant if you think I need educating about better beer, ought to drink pong, ought to sit in a pub or wear sandals. That me in my living room with a bottle of Stella is doing you no harm, and doing me no harm so why make me pay more?

With news that Mr Don Shenker likes a pint himself, and not a pint of pong as the lad likes the lout!, Beck's. Well done fella. I can only say the following to Don. Get yourself down to Sainsbury’s. 15 bottles of Beck’s, your tipple, for £6.99. A bargain Don. You don’t have to neck it all in one go. You can stick some in the fridge. Let it go cold. Crack one open. Enjoy it. Keep within whatever units you think is healthy. Enjoy another on a different night. Save yourself a few bob in the process. Go on Don, you know it makes sense. And I for one don’t think you are a c**t.