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Thread: Sporting Allegiances

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    Arrow Sporting Allegiances

    Just so we can all get to know each other a little better I thought I would start a sports thread that doesn't involve picking squads or teams for competition.

    I'll start it off.

    My football team is Brentford as most of you know (I was born there)

    I like watching England play rugby in the six nations and watching them show some German attitude in the World Cup, but I don't follow a club team. I went to Richmond upon Thames college which is in Twickenham so I suppose I should pick Harlequins. The one game I have seen was Gloucester v Northampton in some cup final at Twickenham, can't remember who won!

    Cricket, Don't care - MCC I suppose as it's closest.

    Favourite sporting masters:

    Tennis -Andy Roddick, nob head come good

    Darts - Steve Beaton (He's not adonis, he's the donis - a gem from Sid Waddel)

    Snooker - Rocket Ronnie, even though he's a Whining self pitying bore he's still one of the most exciting players that ever lived.

    Football - Denis Bergkamp

    F1 - Damon Hill as the year he won was the only year I watched every race (I'm not claiming that he was the best driver ever, that would just be silly)

    Golf - Craig Stadler - The Walrus

    Horse - See More Business gave me a large three figure win in the King George VI at Kempton in 97, great day out.

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    Walsall fan. Hometown club - there's no other reason why anyone would follow them. Unless you're Pete Waterman.

    I should take an interest in other sports but I have only a passing interest.

    Cricket would be Warwickshire (as they are based in Birmingham and the West Midlands doesn't have a county cricket team)

    Football Hero - Ian Roper (no frills centre half who served 10 years at Walsall). The closest I'd ever get to emulating a professional.
    Waes hael!

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    I think most people by now know I'm a Spurs season ticket holder. I also watch my local side Dartford in the Conference and rarely miss an England match (I'm off to Wembley tomorrow).

    I watch the occasional bit of cricket (I was born and lived in Surrey until I got married so they have always been my cricket team). Cricket was my best sport before beer got the better of me and I had a trial for Surrey when I was still at school but they never asked me back! Now look where they are. Serves them right!

    I have dabbled with rugby now and again and used to enjoy going to watch the annual Aussie Rules football match at the Oval but they stopped doing it a couple of years ago.

    I will generally watch anything if there is a beer to be had in good company. Strangely enough I noted today that there is a beer fest at Ascot racecourse this month which includes a spot of racing so I might go for it since I have never been to a race meeting. I tend to keep an eye on most major sports as I know soemthing will crop up in our quiz nights although my knowledge of non-footy sport is not as in depth as I would like it to be.

    I also keep an eye on Jenson Button simply because he is supposed to be a distant cousin of mine although we haven't come across anyone in the family who has found the precise link.

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    Sorry but not a big sports fan.
    F 1 Micheal Schumacher
    Golf ..Tiger Woods
    Aston Villa
    Thats about it.

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    Footy Sunderland as I used to watch them when a nurse up there and still have one of my vouchers to try to get to Wembly in 1973. Couldn't afford season ticket and often went at half time when shift ended as they would let us in free. Also
    Hartlepool as I lived at Seaton Carew for a few years and my son has given up on Aston Villa and moved back to Co Durham so he can get to home matches. Just like to see they are doing OK as I am no longer into footy.

    Cricket - been to Edgbaston once, and like watching it on village greens when out with the caravan. Watched Corbridge cricket team play last Saturday. Don't understand much of it, and absolutely hate commentries on the radio droning on, but can watch it.

    Used to go to the dogs at Hall Green now and again and enjoyed a flutter there.

    When caravanning at Winchcombe site over Christmas and New Year a few years back we did attend a couple of New Years Day meets at Cheltenham and I really enjoyed the atmosphere at them. Never managed one at Worcester although been to a few fests on racecourse there.

    Not really a sporty person as such.

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    It should come as no surprise that I support Aston Villa. Been a season ticket holder for the last 20 years or so. I used to go to lots of aways but now just a couple a season.
    I went to a couple of England games years ago and I used to watch Halesowen Town now and then. I will watch any football on TV.


    Love to watch England play in any form of the game. 20/20 and one dayers are entertaining but " test is best " ! Not really a follower of County cricket but I have a soft spot for Worcester. ( only Blue noses follow Warwickshire ! )


    Only watch England play. I can't get interested in club rugby.


    I enjoy watching most sports. Snooker, darts, golf, tennis etc.. I like the big events such as Wimbledon and the Open. I will support England in any sport - If we were in the tiddlywinks world cup I would watch it !!
    I also enjoy the Olympics and Commonwealth games.
    I have no interest in Motor sports at all although I did go to Cradley Heath Speedway a few times as a kid.

    Sporting Heroes

    Hard to be specific but here are a few :

    Footie - Paul Mcgrath ( god )
    Cricket - Ian Botham
    Rugby - Bill Beaumont

    Alex Higgins, Daley Thompson - there are many others but I have gone blank !!

    I am a salmon !!

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    I am a season ticket holder at Crystal Palace for my sins.My father was born in Croydon and first went to Selhurst Park in 1929,he took me along in the 60's and as I went to school in Croydon,I kept going with various friends as I grew up,some still present at SP to this day.My two sons are also supporters ,so it's a family thing.Even Mrs Fastard has been impressed with the atmosphere on the few occasions she has attended.

    Growing up in Ewell mean that Surrey was my cricket team ,as it was easy to get up to The Oval for matches,again initially with my father in the 60's.However since the children arrived I have been living in East Hertfordshire and the nearest cricket action is Essex at Chelmsford.I feel like a bit of a traitor,but I console myself with the fact that their T20 team is the Eagles.

    I always been a supporter of non league football,hometown side was Epsom and Ewell but since the 90's the allegiance has switched to Hertford Town .I do occasionally pitch up at Stevenage Boro but now they are doing well and in the league,that could always conflict with the mighty Palace,especially the way we've started this season under Mr Burley.

    Footballing hero.......John Jackson great goal keeper,great bloke and kept Palace in Div 1 for four years almost on his own.At school I also played in goal,but was never as brave as Jacko.

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    Football team is Bristol City, Dave finally converted me to watching football having been ignorant of it throughout University. He still takes grim pleasure in reminding me that I used to infuriate him by turning up after a weekend and asking him how Rovers had done on Saturday. Season ticket holder for about 5 years now I think, purchased during Danny Wilson's reign when he had about half the team actually made out of locals, which probably still remains the most enjoyable period I have watched so far.

    Rugby seems enjoyable when I catch it on TV, and fans always seem far friendlier as a whole than football crowds. But I really don't understand the rules.

    I still enjoy catching the odd American Football match and support Seattle as I have a relative out there.

    Cricket, is this really a sport? Only good thing I can see is it seems to be a good excuse to drink! Also I have earned some good money by building parts of one of the major cricket sites.

    F1 - Used to enjoy it when I thought they raced (Mansell, Senna, Prost et al), feels like it is run by lawyers these days though, more rules than any genuine excitement. Although just to follow up the Damon Hill reference, great bloke, I always thought he was just an average driver though - that was until he nearly won a race in an Arrows, I still don't believe that car gave up.
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