I have been on a few, and booked on several more day trip coach excursions. These are a great cheap way to travel to towns you might not otherwise get to, with time to explore and pop in the pubs there. You obviously don't want to drink too much though if you are on a coach without loos and few if any comfort breaks on route home. Generally, the coaches arrive in a town, park up and the passengers are given the four or five hours to go where they want. Many go for the street markets or the main cathedral and museum exhibitions a city offers. I go looking at pubs (mostly taking pictures of the signs) and generally call in two or three too. The only real rule is remember where the pick up places are and be on time - some drivers will just leave without stragglers. Some trips depend on the coach getting enough bookings, and some do get cancelled with many still understandably reluctant to go out while Covid is still a potential danger. Such journeys are still are good economic way to visit new towns and see pubs you might not usually get too, with the coach operator serving as your designated driver. Towns visited to date (from Preston) include, Dumfries, Moffat, Llandudno, York, and Kendal.