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'A Swift One' likes to keep up to date with the best around the local area, and as you will have noticed, this includes pub events and beer festivals. However one seems to have eluded us.

There is a rumour that there is beer festival this weekend at the Rose & Crown, (the Nook) at Holmfirth. At this stage, that is all we can say. Our usual beer festival source cannot provide the information, their website is also similarly blank. All we can say is that the last issue of 'Aletalk' that Bob Tomlinson produced does show a festival between Friday and Sunday and that there are some home made posters around the roads into Holmfirth making reference to it. So the choice is yours, do you want a 30 minute bus ride up the Holme Valley in search of an event that may not be happening, or would your time be better spent elsewhere.

Surely if you want people to visit an event you have taken time and money to organise, maybe a bit more information may assist them. Or may be its purely a local event for local people. No doubt we will find out in time.

On the subject of 'Aletalk' I have managed a quick chat with Bob Tomlinson, the editor for the last 14 years. He has stepped down from the role due to work and time pressures. The mantle of producing the magazine has now passed to a group of local Camra members. The next issue may well be delayed but I am assured it will appear. Good luck to them in their task and thanks to Bob for the sterling work he has done to make it such an informative tool for drinkers from near and far..