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A few people have commented on the rice stage of Heineken's mashing scheme. Doubting whether it would work.
I have to admit, I don't really understand the process. And I don't completely understand what's in the brewing record, even though it's very detailed. The easiest way to get my head around it better is to let you have a look.

This is what it looks like.

I'll explain the Dutch terms as we go along. "1e storting" = 1st charge. Where 200 kg "moutmeel" (ground malt) is mixed with 8 hl water, resulting in a "beslag" (mix of water and malt at 35º C. Which was transferred to the "klaringskuip" lauter tun.

Now we get to the step we're really interested in. "2e storting" or 2nd charge. Where 50 kg of "rijstmeel" (rice flour) are mixed with 2.5 hl of water at 17º C and 1 hl of the mash. Resulting in 3.8 hl at 22º C.
Does that make sense? The temperature looks very low to me.