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Thread: Where Has All The Ale Gone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tris39 View Post
    I think it can certainly be a quality product, but one which can be ruined by poor handling, which quite common here.
    Agreed, that sums up the general London scene at present.
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    What I have noticed recently here, is that given the only ales available in 'mainstream' pubs is Doom, Pride, GK or - if you're lucky - Landlord, is the quality. It's never been so good, which I suppose just goes to show what happens if you reduce choice and increase throughflow. If only the choice were worth choosing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by london calling View Post
    Not convinced that cask beer is a quality product.Can be yes,but in general not in London as far as i can see.
    After a recent trip to Putney I can now see where you're coming from, John. Lovely pubs, but the cask ales were, if not a second thought, certainly not a priority. I mean, if you don't take the trouble to find out how to make sure they are in top condition, they're obviously not a priority, right? Beers going on before they were ready, beers having no life left in them, beers that were called Youngs Ordinary, sorry Original. (Apologies that I hadn't previously understood what a serious abomination this beer is nowadays.)

    And then I arrived at the Bricklayers Arms, where the beer was singing.
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