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Thread: 10th Anniversary Pub Crawl in Birmingham

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mobyduck View Post
    Great day apart from me and Steve unable to find the station and platform in time for our allotted train
    I've had trouble finding the wormhole into New Street in the past, and with most locals unable (or unwilling) to give me a steer...!

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    Well I thoroughly enjoyed the day, meeting friends old and new, visiting pubs familiar and new, and achieving a different beer in every pub with only one slightly duff one. An excellent range of pubs and beers - come to think of it, I don't believe we actually visited a pub serving Doom Bar!!! Much looking forward to seeing everyone again on the next one, or possibly some mini-crawls before.

    Meanwhile here's a few random pics:

    On leaving the bar, I felt a strong blow to the back of my head. Turning round, I discovered it was the pavement

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    I learned several interesting things in the Burning Soul Taproom, having turned up an hour before opening time due to contradictory information from various online sources, but the duty manager / brewer kindly humoured me and was happy to serve a pint as he got the place ready before coming over for a chat.

    In particular, after mentioning the earlier stop by one of the groups at The Bartons Arms, he advised that this is no longer owned by Oakham since they recently accepted an offer from the team managing the pub and kitchen. However, that brewery's ales will still be a regular feature I understand, but with more guest beers in the future (e.g. the pair from Froth Blowers available when we called in).

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    i had a great day in Brum.Thanks go to Nev for guiding us around.After the Colmore i decided to tick a few pubs that you guys have done.
    Wellington nice pint of blue monkey
    old joint stock -very nice darkstar equinox
    post office vaults -halfs of kinver and twisted wheel again nice
    briar rose decent half of a printworks beer
    shakespeare -as i sat drinking my half of black sheep bitter i realised i had had enough so why was i drinking this distress purchase.Caught an earlier train ,slept for most of the 2hr journey and was fit enough to have a couple of pints at Euston.Impressed with Birmingham itself ,liked the pubs and that mirrored facade on the train station was superb. cheers john

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    Great day out on Friday and especially good to meet up with old friends and new after nearly 2 years of restrictions.

    I thought the route was great and it made a interesting change to tour some of the less central pubs rather than sticking to the mainstream. As John said, thank you to Nev for tour guiding duties.
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