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Thread: More Sussex Updates

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    Default More Sussex Updates

    Five Oaks Inn, Billingshurst (39365) is closed. Well, it's long demolished and now a car showroom forecourt.

    When I added The Lintot (66714), I obviously hadn't got the hang of the town/village thing - can you move it from Horsham to Horsham/Southwater, please?

    And can you move The Bear Inn & Burwash Motel (10823) from Etchingham to Etchingham/Burwash? When you've done that, you should probably delete The Bear Inn (10822) as it appears to be a duplicate. That will leave Etchingham itself empty - I'll leave it to you to work out how to deal with that!



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    Hi paul,

    We have marked Five Oaks Inn as closed, moved the Lintot to Southwater, and moved the Bear Inn listing with pics (and tidied up the name a little) to Burwash whilst deleting the duplicate listing of the Bear. Thankfully the system identifies the town has no pubs and just says no pubs listed there (a bit that works for once).

    I'm not surprised you had problems with the villages it is not very joined up at the moment, you need to type the name of the village under the villagename then we do some fixes behind the scenes when we approve it. Hopefully I will improve the add pubs forms once we have tidied up the pub listings, for the moment though bear with us .

    Thanks a lot for the helpful corrections,


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