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Or should it be Leaing on a Jet Plane? Tomorrow we fly back to Holland. Our bellies full and our minds blown. Or was that our minds full and our bellies blown? One of the two. Take your pick.

It's been cool, man, in the US. Met lots of people, some new, others old friends. Beer has been consumed and many words spoken. Which is what life is really all about. Food. Almost forgot about the food. We've eaten lots of that.

It not being a beer odyssey, I won't be compiling a full report. Just tossing you the odd scrap. It's a sign of the beer scene over here that even without hunting it down with hounds, I've had no trouble keeping myself supplied with drinkable stuff. A surprising amount of it cask.

From my two visits to NewYork last year, I'd got used to seeing a cask or possibly two in the better beer pubs. This time, I've been in pubs with 3, 4 or 5 cask beers. Finally. The beer revolution is catching on this side of the pond. (Irony warning, irony warning.)

Funnily enough, my favourite commercial beer wasn't cask, but an unfiltered Helles from Rock Bottom in Bethesda, Maryland. Very nice indeed, It could give many a Bavarian Kellerbier a run for its money.

I hope I can get back again soon.