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By chance I called in The Grove yesterday afternoon. Generally when I go up I have checked the beer list on line so have more or less worked my drinking out in advance but this time I went in with no prior knowledge of what was available. I went into the tap room, surveyed the pumps and selected a Williams Bros beer that was new to me, it was not bad at all but Brian was behind the bar and looked a little strangely at me.

'Haven't you seen the Thornbridge?' he said. I confessed that I hadn't. To be truthful, I just generally look at the guests when I go in, and ignore the regular pumps. Suddenly, on seeing the pump clip in the other bar my memory came back. He has given me prior warning of the arrival of 'Larkspur' and on his recommendation I tried a quick half.

It was superb. If you like your beer light, hoppy and refreshing but with a bit of strength behind it, then this could be the beer you have been searching for. I believe the base is similar to their 'Kipling' but with the scarcity of some New Zealand hops this year. 'Larkspur' has been used using Citra hops to try to fill the gap. It is single hopped so it shows all the flavour that Citra imparts in a beer, with its orangey, grapefruity overtones and the balance that the 'Kipling' background gives it makes it a well crafted moreish beer, even at 5.2%. So much so, that I think I prefer it to 'Kipling' which is high praise indeed. I will have to go again today and recheck !!!

(Incidentally, if you have not seen it, Thornbridge has one of the best brewery websites about, full of information and up to the minute news about the brewery and the beers. Take a look)