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Last weekend saw the 3rd Hall Bower Beer festival. I am not sure sure how they do it but the last three local festivals that needed good weather all got it, and when we arrived on Sunday afternoon there were plenty of drinkers enjoying drinking at the outside tables with the smell of the barbeque drifting past in a wonderful setting, with Castle Hill creating a wonderful backdrop to the club. A great place to while away an afternoon.

The set up at the club was the tried and tested formula of paying for a glass and tickets for the beer, but at £1 for a glass and the same for a half, no one could complain about being it being overpriced. Inside the club were a range of about 15 handpulls all set up on a makeshift bar with a range of beers to suit all drinkers. Beers on the bar were replaced as they ran off so there were plenty to choose from.

As often is the case at local festivals, the first port of call is to get the Mallinsons before everyone else beats you to it. Their first two beers had run off on Saturday, but the replacements on Sunday were both excellent, Hall Bower Hop being exceptional. Clarks from Wakefield had also produced a couple of specials and both of these were also available.

Soon we were into trying all sorts of weird and wonderful tastes, many of them with a fruity theme. Not sure that the Coach House 'Banofee' worked, banana and toffee flavours don't quite do it for me. The Humpty Dumpty 'Lemon & Ginger' was better, at least they did blend together. The Green Jack 'Orange Wheat Beer' promised much but failed to deliver, I have had it before and it tasted better, but in my opinion the star of the festival came from Caledonian. Its not often I have said that but their 'Mexican Bandit' just hit the spot. Lager hops, a touch of wheat in the background, and the twist of lime made it ideal beer for the afternoon. A winner.

Again,Leigh and the team deserve lots of credit for putting on the festival and judging by the turnout their efforts were not in vain.