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It is not often that beers from the West of England get a mention in these pages, but credit where its due, there are a couple of real gems on the bar at The Star at the moment, both from breweries that we have never previously highlighted.

Both beers were light, crisp and hoppy, and both were seriously drinkable. Just the thing for a pleasant summer's evening, that is if we ever get one. I doubt the beer will last that long. Neither brewery is new to the town, or to the pub but both are infrequent visitors here.

The first one was Monty's ' Desert Rats', coming in at 3.8%. Brewed in Montgomery, which I think is still in Wales, it has everything that Welsh beers don't usually have. There was no malty background, just bags of hop flavour bursting onto the tongue and almost forcing you into another pint. A super example of its type.

Along the bar Six Bells from Bishops Castle provided 'Skools Out'. (I assume they cannot spell in that part of the world, but they can certainly brew). A bit stronger at 4.2%, it was a similar beer to Monty's but the extra percentage strength gave it a bit more body with the same sort of hop attack.

Both were going well, so if you want to try them, I suggest an early visit may be in order, or you may be disappointed.