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I've been asked to run a CAMRA membership stall in the Regal Moon in Rochdale today as they are running a mini beer festival, along with other town centre pubs in support of Rochdale's Feel Good Festival.

Now I like these sort of collaborations, which, while still maintaining competition, give something different to drinkers. I have said it before and will again, Rochdale has the potential to become a mini beer Mecca and it is just this sort of event that will boost it and give the pubs the impetus to work together more effectively and to push the town forward as a serious real ale destination. It's nice to be invited to be part of it.

I'll be there with some colleagues for a few hours this afternoon and hopefully as well as enjoying some beer, sign up a few members, or failing that, at least get people to try some better beer. In some ways, next to drinking the stuff of course, it is one of the most rewarding parts of being a beer enthusiast and promoting awareness of good beer is worthwhile in itself.