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I'm so glad I found a Greene King AK. It means I've something more than just a whole bunch of Shepherd Neame and Fullers versions.
It is the only one, too. Either they didn't brew it very often or it mostly came from their other brew house. Which reminds me - Henry still hasn't sent me the photos he took when we visited the brewery almost three years ago. He was responsible for snapping the records from the other brew house.

An awful lot of base malt and not much else is the short description. Only two beers contain any other malt: crystal in Greene King's version and black malt in one of Shepherd Neame's. The latter seems a little odd.
So odd, that I've gone back and checked the brewing record. Sure enough, 33 lbs of black malt is clearly there. But bot with the3 rest of the malt. Which implies it may not have been used in the mash tun. It seems to turn up sporadically, mostly in parti-gyles which include SXX, the strongest of their Pale Ales. But not always. Maybe they just didn't always note it down.
Moving on to adjuncts, there's some flaked rice in the Fullers examples. That's because they're both from the early war years. Had their AK survived a little longer, it, too, would have included flaked barley.
If you recall their pre-war versions, you'll know that Shepherd Neame brewed their Pale Ales from 100% malt. Well, and a tiny amount of malt extract. Which, I suppose, counts as malt, too. Their use if flaked barley in the later war years wasn't the brewery's choice. All brewers were compelled to use it.

AK grists during WW II
Date Year Brewer Beer pale malt crystal malt black malt flaked rice flaked barley
23rd Jan 1940 Greene King AK 91.76% 3.53%
8th May 1940 Fullers AK 86.32% 12.33%
20th May 1940 Shepherd Neame AK 99.67%
25th May 1941 Fullers AK 92.97% 4.16%
4th Feb 1943 Shepherd Neame AK 86.90% 12.41%
18th Dec 1943 Shepherd Neame AK 87.42% 11.92%
21st Feb 1944 Shepherd Neame AK 85.01% 2.10% 11.59%
27th Nov 1944 Shepherd Neame AK 85.43% 13.91%
22nd Feb 1945 Shepherd Neame AK 85.43% 13.91%
7th May 1945 Shepherd Neame AK 84.87% 13.82%
Fullers brewing records held at the brewery.
Greene King brewing record held at the brewery, document number AC93/1/14 .
Shepherd Neame brewing record held at the brewery.
Sugars up next.