I have been given a copy of the eulogy from Aqualung's funeral and some personal memories from his friends and family which contain some very characterful stories - not sure I can really share them here, but I will try to remember to bring a copy with me on the next PuG crawl. However, here's a snippet from one of the recollections:

"Since then I've seen him most weeks and observed his developing obsessions - fell walking, beer, climbing, Pink Floyd, home brew, bus spotting, very hot curries, war games, Chinese cookery, pizza, bingeing at Stamford Hill, cycling, Wales, CAMRA, fireworks, wine making, computer games, darts, cricket on Hackney Marshes, Oasis, Wetherspoons, very strong beer, micropubs and his contempt for those that did not make the grade."

I can only confirm a fraction of these, but the rest sound about right!