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This isn't a complex or long winded post, it is quite simple really; we've created a demand for a product we are unable to make fast enough. Infra Red doesn't sell well in cask locally, although we can make it and get it to customers quite quickly. Making bottle conditioned beer takes a little longer when it is a dry hopped beast. Transport logistics add to the problem of satisfying the demand.

Today we note that myBreweryTap have already sold out of Infra Red, except for what they have in mixed cases. There have been reports of intermittent supplies at The Rake and UtoBeer. BeerMerchants do have some stock, although I'm not sure there is much left. The trouble is I have not a single drop left in the brewery. Furthermore, I am unlikely to get around to brewing more anytime soon as a local cask market also expect to be satisfied.

Of course, Zak Avery has unwittingly added to this whole dilemma by disguising a guitar as a mandolin. I'm considering my perspective as a result of that.

The whole problem is somewhat compounded by the very late availability of increased brew house capacity. We expected a 3 fold increase in production capacity by the end of June at the latest, but this is still to be delivered. However, that is just me making feeble excuses, why should you care that I can't satisfy your insatiable demand for my beer?

All I can do is apologise and promise to brew harder. Oh, and nag Ann like hell to buy me more stainless steel. And a bottle labeler. And more bottle filling heads. And a fork lift truck. And a sink (no really, I didn't get one yet) And a steam boiler. And. And. And..........