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Thread: Corrections/Closures in Blackpool

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    Default Corrections/Closures in Blackpool

    Hi, just a few places that need attention in Blackpool:

    Clifton Hotel, Talbot Square [18166]
    Closed, now a Travelodge Hotel and Che Bar (already listed)

    Empress Hotel, 58 Exchange Street [62814]
    I believe this pub now to be open. Haven't been in, but passed several times to see front door open and people outside smoking.

    Grand Public House, Station Road [62726]
    Closed October 2008, with steel shields fitted over windows and the lease advertised. The shields were removed though about three weeks ago so a re-opening is possibly on the cards.

    New Road, 224 Talbot Road [62813]
    Closed. Supposedly re-opening at Easter but hasn't as yet.

    Sherbourne Arms, 80 Sherbourne Road [18050]
    Re-named, now 'Last Orders, at Blackpool North'

    Station Hotel, 77 Talbot Road [18091]
    Very closed, although a nightclub still operates on the upper level.

    Yates's Wine Lodge, 10 Talbot Road [18444]
    Closed and partially demolished after a fire in February 2009. However, the Yates's operation moved to 13/15 Market Street, so...

    Cahoots, 13-15 Market Street [63589]
    Closed. Now Yates's Wine Lodge.

    That's all for now. Great site I may add, stumbled upon whilst googling for pubs for an upcoming pub crawl!


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    Hi Tony,

    We have removed the duplicate Clifton Hotel listing. Marked The Empress Hotel as open. Marked as closed The Grand Public House, New Road, The Station and Yates's Wine Lodge. And corrected the name of Last Orders, at Blackpool North and Yates's Wine Lodge.

    Thanks a lot for letting us know about all those, and including the id's it made life a lot easier.


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