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We're going to need a new 'Lockdown 3' thread soon, but in the meantime here's some more rebuttal of the wishful thinking myths, in the Observer this weekend:

“We are so short staffed and we don’t have enough of the non-invasive ventilator machines that can hold patients until they can be transferred to intensive care units [ICUs].”

Dr Hossain, [a junior doctor], and her colleagues in the south-west London hospital where she works have to make almost impossible decisions about who gets what and who gets moved.

“We do a risk-benefit analysis based on age, number of comorbidities and sometimes based on the amount of resources we have,” she says. “[A patient] could be an ICU candidate, but we don’t have a bed. Our hands are tied. It makes me want to cry.”

This weighs heavily on the staff, who are battling fatigue, stress and exhaustion. Hossain rarely has time to eat properly and struggles to stay hydrated because she is so busy. Two of the five doctors on her ward are off with Covid, leaving the remaining three covering their shifts. “There are times when we just collectively break down. There are times when we can’t take it any more,” she says. “I remember me and the nurses just held each other in the clinical room.”
Welcome to Lockdown 3!

Good luck everybody...