No Jimmy Savile here, just my best beers and pubs from 2020, a dodgy year by anyones definition.

Top Beers not in any order and very much Craft led.
Dark Star - American Pale Ale
Thornbridge - Crackendale
Dark Revolutions - SoLa

The Kernel - Export Stout
Vault City - Gooseberry & Elderflower
Partizan - IPA Sabro

Bottles & Cans
North Brewing - Lost Cosmonauts
Elusive - The Wasteland
Siren - Death By Caribbean Chocolate Cake

Here I've picked only from new visits (a pool of 50) to stop usual suspect syndrome.
The Old Green Tree - Bath
The Jolly Fisherman - Hastings
The White Horse - Hedgerley

As I said ,a year to forget but I would be happy with any of the above in any year.