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Thread: New pub visits 2021

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    Pubs won't reopen until the chavs fight for it. Freedoms don't get given back voluntarily.

    You are reliant on the Carling drinkers for your real ale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Komakino View Post
    ...since I stopped being a single man.
    What a bummer, eh?

    I should have joined the 1,000-club years ago, but for my dogged quest to review only purpose built pubs dating from at least before World War II, aside for those that crop up on PuG crawls. Just 17 to go, now that I've added my overlooked 'heritage' review for The Queens Head.

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    First month into the New Year, off to a fairly slow start with - er, no visits yet. Other than to pick up a takeaway from a former pub, currently marked as closed, but which may reopen as an Indian restaurant with a villagers' bar, which really doesn't merit a review yet. Confusing times.
    'Beer is for all day, not just for breakfast'.

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